The Future of Facebook Ads
Written by Alex Mouland on June 29th 2018
Facebook ads are dying!

Just this morning I received an e-mail with the subject line “Facebook ads are dying!”. I admit it, I am a sucker for catchy headlines and, being a marketer myself, couldn’t help myself but to click and read the e-mail.

The blogger continued to explain how he had launched multiple Facebook Ads campaign and had not seen any results. From that experience he decided that Facebook ads were dead. He proceeded to suggest that the most important thing in a business was the customer list and how to send profitable e-mails. He wasn’t wrong about that: collecting e-mails and building big e-mail lists are instrumental to a business’ success. However, what’s even more important is to be able to drive the right traffic to produce repeatable results.

What I realized was that the person who wrote me that e-mail (the list of which I quickly unsubscribed from), had no experience with running profitable Facebook ads. Moreover, his e-mail stemmed from a personal frustration, delusion, and a dose of trying to convince himself of why he keeps failing. That’s never good for business.

Let me take a moment here to plainly explain what this individual needs in terms of growing his business online.

Firstly, he is making the right decision to venture online. He understands that a large portion of his customers and untapped markets are online all day, every day, and that is would be a smart decision to figure out how to tap into the online market.

Secondly, he needs the right system to reliably bring in a constant stream of new customers into his business. This part can be a little more complicated for certain people because in many cases marketing is this abstract concept that traditionally works or doesn’t, without a way to measure results in order to build confidence in the method itself. Here’s what he’s missing.

The truth is, there are two types of marketing. Advertising, and Direct Response. Most ineffective ads today are positioned as “branding efforts” or “long-term messaging” which is just another way of saying that the money will come later, and that we have no way of tracking its performance.
Don’t get me wrong, branding is very important for the life of a business, but billboard with a picture of happy smiling people next to the company’s logo is not measurable in terms of results. Because the ad is not measurable in terms of results, there is no way to improve it – or cut it altogether if it is not achieving the desired result.

The smart way of doing advertising has never been easier in 2018. A smart advertiser would opt-in for direct response marketing because of a few reasons: the results are trackable, and it is conducive to testing at a mass scale. An ad in 2018 must have a headline, description, copy, a creative and a call-to-action to allow the potential customer to do business with the company instantly. From there, repeat exposure and calculated modifications are key to drive the advertising campaign to success.

So to answer the gentleman who sent out that Facebook ads were dead, simply, they aren’t. Although many campaigns fail if not done the “right” way, thousands of businesses are driving incredible results for their businesses. Many entrepreneurs, like myself, have based their entire business on driving results with Facebook and other social media platforms. The undeniable truth is that Facebook will never stop working hard to keep users engaged and happy, and to keep businesses profitably advertising on their platform.

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Alex Mouland

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